Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I saw that many people protested yesterday for immigrant rights.
Just to let them know it did not affect me at all, I felt no impact from them, but then again I live in the suburbs, not many immigrant run businesses there.
The ones that are in my community and are run by immigrants were still open and the people working in there were the same people as the day before.
I assume these people are making a decent living as they are mostly the owners of the stores I frequent, and they really don't have the same concerns these other people have. I think half the people that were out there protesting and holding signs had no idea why they were even doing it.
I think that the people who were affected the most by this were small business owners, many of who are immigrants themselves. In the cities where the immigrant enclaves are is where the biggest impact would be felt, so I guess you could say they are only hurting themselves.

My buddy does the landscaping at my house and he uses day laborers, 95 percent of the time e uses the same guys, and those guys were with him yesterday. He said they knew if they didn't show up that he wouldn't use them anymore. I talk to them when there over, I have nothing against them, and I don't think these particular individuals are asking anything more then just to do an honest's day work. I also don't think they expect anything other then being afforded that. I understand why they want to be here and I have no problem with them wanting it, and they do wish they could be citizens, but they told me it is too much work to legally get here. It is easier for them to just come here and then leave in the winter. I did landscaping when I was younger, but I don't see young teenage guys doing that anymore, it's all day laborers, they work for less and I think are probably more reliable. But if they weren't here the American teenagers would do the job and they would be learning something they can use later in life. What's wrong with that?

I am in favor of immigrants rights, if they are legal immigrants.
Why should people who cross into our country have the same rights afforded to them that people who worked hard and had the due diligence to go through the proper channels have?
My family came here and I assume it was less structured at that time rather then now, and they became citizens of the U.S. legally. If you wan the rights of other people get your citizenship and go through the proper channels to come here, otherwise don't ask anything from me.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Pump Yourself

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In New Jersey we are not allowed to pump our own gas, it is illegal.
Some say due to safety reasons, other say because of greed.

I say I don't care what the reason is, I like not having to pump my own gas.
This law also provides jobs to the state and I think probably speeds up the process of filling up.

Attitudes in New Jersey are, and I'm generalizing, usually not the nicest. If some poor guy is taking longer then what is deemed neccessary to pump his own gas you can bet there will be fights. Which will result in law suits, which will result in higher insurance rates for the station owners and the people of NJ, like they are not high enough already, which will in turn not lower the prices of gas anyway.

Another one of Corzine's bright ideas is to lower the speed limit to 55 which will save gas. Hmm, or it will result in more speeding tickets which means what? Oh yeah more revenue for a state with a 4 billion dollar deficit, nice try Corzine.

If Corzine is so worried about the prices why did he just hike the gas tax from 6 to 7 percent, hey if you want to lower the price lower the tax on gas.

But what the hell do I know, I'm not a politician.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I will update this more often now

I figure I have this blog so I might as well update it, I should try and be less negative also and try to make some points that people actually want to read. Not just stuff about me and how angry I am, maybe I'll get alot of hits that way.

I have been reading some other blogs on here and it has inspired me. Hell if I get bored enough I might even update this more than once a day.

Here's a nice little story about my home state of NJ. I'm happy were not looked at like a garbage can anymore!!!!!!!!


I would love to have the nerve agent disposed of here, that's a great idea, there are enough New Jersyans anyway, let's see if we can get rid of a few.